CFP: Making a Difference: Classics, Outreach, and Social Justice in the Classroom (CANE 2018)


Classical Association of New England (CANE) ANNUAL MEETING, 16-17 March 2018
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
Organizers: Roberta Stewart, Dartmouth College (; Dominic Machado, Wake Forest University (

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2017.

As teachers, we engage in outreach on a daily basis. Every time we enter the classroom, we work to translate the ancient world, seeking to explain to our students why the classical past still matters for understanding modern realities, how the classical past–its texts and histories–might be “good to think with.”  

In this workshop, we hope to bring together a variety of perspectives about how we use the study of Classics to pursue social justice, inside and outside of our classrooms. We invite papers about classroom curricula addressing, e.g., definitions of citizenship and community, gender identities, diversity (race, class, ethnicity, religion). We also welcome papers that explore how we as teachers use the study of antiquity to engage with diverse populations outside of our classrooms and how our interactions with these populations can enrich our study of the subject. Our goal: to inspire further discussion about how Classics and the Humanities generally offer important tools and insights for dealing with contemporary realities.

We invite all who are interested to submit an abstract (maximum: 300 words) to Roberta Stewart ( and Dominic Machado (


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