Notes from CSJ meeting at CAAS 2018

Notes from Nancy Rabinowitz on the Classics and Social Justice meeting from CAAS 2018:

We had an informal meeting (very late!) at CAAS Oct. 4-6, 2018; about 10 people showed up. The conversation was wide-ranging and there were lots of ideas! We announced the new mentoring program and shared a link to the form. We’ll be sending that out soon.

  • First the question of Public Humanities came up, how to be better at it, how to use the media to counter the white supremacy narrative. Could we get a reporter to come to the meetings in San Diego?
  • Another idea was a volume on Race and Justice in Classics. This could be part of a series that Routledge approached Fiona McHardy and me about.
  • There was enthusiasm for more local events, maybe around a speaker or just drinks. More communication!
  • Thinking bigger, the idea of a conference was floated, and Leah Himmelhoch volunteered to look into whether Hobart and William Smith might host a conference on Classics and Social Justice.
  • Ideas for the blog: a message board, or a discussion board and using zoom for virtual gatherings.

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