Statements on the Paideia Institute

On October 1, 2019, the Sportula Collective published a statement detailing the experiences of many of their members at programs run by the Paideia Institute. The note that:

The Sportula believes that the Paideia Institute and its affiliated programs create an environment that is hostile to people of color, women, students from working-class backgrounds, the LGBTQ community, and other marginalized groups.

The leadership of the Classics and Social Justice group believes these accounts and stands in solidarity with the brave people who came forward to share their stories in an attempt to effect change at Paideia. We also recognize that the factors that contributed to this toxic culture are not unique to the Paideia Institute but are a pervasive issue within the field and we are committed to addressing these more pervasive issues as well as this specific situation.

We do not find that the responses offered by Paideia leadership have been sufficient or that they have adequately acknowledged the harm that their organization has done. Because of that, we heartily second the calls to action recommended by the Sportula:

  • Spread the word: Alert other community members, students, and peers to potential discrimination from the Paideia Institute.
  • Redirect support: Opt to support organizations in the field that are inclusive, safe spaces, and recommend such organizations to The Sportula and your community members.
  • Divest: Encourage your university to reconsider its relationship with Paideia.

In an attempt to amplify the voices of people who have been marginalized, exploited, and otherwise mistreated by people affiliated with the Paideia Institute, we are collecting the different statements that have been issued in response to the original Sportula statement. If we have missed any, please let us know.

SCS Board Letter to the Paideia Institute

CAAS Board of Directors letter to The Paideia Institute

ACL Statement concerning the Paideia Institute

Statement from CNSC GRECOLATINOVIVO regarding the publication on Medium by Sportula on October 1 and 2, addressing the Paideia Institute

Liz Butterworth, In Support of the Sportula’s Statement on the Paideia Institute

Gregory Stringer, Ending my association with Paideia

Bryan Whitchurch, Whitchurch and the Paideia Institute, October 2019

An older letter, but one that addresses some of the same fundamental issues, written by instructors affiliated with Paideia, though many have since ended their association

Umass statement.jpg

And finally, here is a thread breaking down some of the problems with the statement issued by Paideia:



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