Race and Ethnicity

Here is a collection of resources aimed at helping classicists teach topics of race and ethnicity in the current political climate. You might also find our resources on Immigration helpful.

Resources for Teaching Race and Ethnicity

Resources for Teaching Race and Ethnicity in Classical Antiquity by Rebecca Kennedy (a collection of syllabi as well as a wide range of other content)

  • Kennedy’s Race/Ethnicity Bibliography is also of great use on this topic

Diversifying Classics Colloquium at the College of Charleston (videos of talks available)

Write-up of 2019 SCS Workshop, Centering the Margins: Creating Inclusive Syllabi

Write-up of Race and Ethnicity Syllabus Workshop at CAAS 2018

Kelly Dugan, “‘Happy Slave’ Narrative and Classics Pedagogy: A Verbal and Visual Analysis of Beginning Greek and Latin Textbooks” in New England Classical Journal, 46 (1).

#ClassicsSoWhite by Hilary Lehman

What Would James Baldwin Do? by Denise McCoskey

Fragile, Handle with Care by Mathura Umachandran

We Condone it By Our Silence by Rebecca Kennedy

Indigenizing Classics: A Teaching Guide by Katherine Blouin, Aven McMaster, David Meban, Zachary Yuzwa

Decolonizing Blackness, alongside the Classics Curriculum: A conversation with Dr Sarah Derbew by Elena Guisti

Modules from Ancient Leadership in the Era of Trump (Sunoikisis Leadership Course)


Resources from Our Colleagues in Related Disciplines

Writing about Slavery/Teaching About Slavery: This Might Help” by P. Gabrielle Foreman, et al. (community-sourced document)

Resources on Race and Ethnicity in the Medieval World — taken from a statement written by Medievalists of Color (MoC)

For resources pertaining to the intellectual and professional significance of race in medieval studies, see this bibliography of scholarship on race and medieval studies, the special issue of the journal postmedieval on “Making Race Matter in the Middle Ages,” the plenary session on “The Color of Membership” held at the SAA Meeting in April 2017, the workshop on Whiteness in Medieval Studies (held at the International Congress of Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI, May 2017), as well as its participant reflections and organizer reflection.

The Color of Membership (Session of the 45th Annual Meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America)