Other Resources

Food Justice

The University of California, Santa Barbara is participating in the SNAP challenge, which “involves purchasing food for one week using only the monetary equivalent of what you would be allowed from CalFresh/SNAP benefits,and making daily reflections as you go.”

Global Efforts

Scholars at Risk is an organization that helps to protect, assist, and advocate for scholars around the world who are under threat.

Teaching Classics 

Paideia Institute’s Aequora programs – a network of 15 sites nationwide where Classics graduate students, undergrads, and high school volunteers teach Latin in community centers and public schools with socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. Aequora has a textbook that emphasizes English literacy skills and is also developing a bilingual Spanish-English extension of the curriculum.

Classical Communities

Paideia Institute’s Legion Project – an outreach campaign to connect classicists working outside of academia. Their website is designed to be a resource for undergraduates, graduate students, and anyone else interested in the broad applications of a classical education across numerous careers. If you or someone you know has a degree in Classics and has found success outside of academia, get in touch. By nominating a Legionnaire, you will be helping to build a rich, diverse network of classicists that will support the discipline in numerous untold ways, and ensure its survival and relevance in the future.